Impression Die Forging – Complete Process

impression die forging

In this article we will discuss about Impression Die Forging describing all the processes involved and what are the advantages and disadvantages of impression-die forging. Impression die forging is a forging process in which dies move towards each other and covers the workpiece in whole or in a part. The heated raw material is placed … Read more

Roll Forging – Process, Methods, MCQs, Applications

roll forging

In this article we will discuss about roll forging, it’s processes, methods, applications and certain MCQs related to forging. What is Roll Forging ? Roll forging is a process of production of discrete pieces of lengths of varying cross-section by rollers and simultaneously changing the shape of heated bars, billets, or plates.  But, plane rolling … Read more

Types of Forging Tools and Equipment [with Pictures]

types of forging tools

Perfect forge work is achieved by using the right forging tools and equipment. This forge is also known as a hearth forge because it uses a hearth to heat metal for simple deformation. Blacksmiths’ lives have been made easier by modern forging equipment, which is highly automated and constructed of high-tech technology. What is Forging … Read more