7 Hidden Health Benefits of Cherries You Must Know

Health benefits of cherries : The honey flavor of cherries adds a zing to this simple treat. The sweet stuff boosts insulin, a powerful fat-mimicking hormone. This boosts satiety, keeping you from overeating later in the day. Just make sure you eat plenty of healthy fats like healthy fats such as avocado or nuts to balance the insulin boost.

Health benefits of cherries

1. Cherries have more vitamin C than an orange, thanks to their antioxidant content. One cup of cherries delivers more Vitamin C than an orange. A diet high in fruits like cherries has been shown to lower the risk of lung cancer by 28%. Other research shows that antioxidants found in fruits like cherries may protect against heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, and dementia.

2. Cherries contain a compound called methylselinine. Methylselinine is an anti-inflammatory compound that may help reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Methylselinine is part of the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase (SOD). The more SOD, the healthier the blood vessels.

3. Cherries are also rich in vitamin K, which reduces the risk of heart disease. They are also rich in antioxidants that protect the body from the aging effects of free radicals. One cup of cherries provides 7% of your daily vitamin K. Cherries are also a good source of folic acid and flavonoids, which have anti-aging properties.

4. Cherries are a good source of fiber. Eating a handful of cherries provides you with about 18 grams of fiber, about the same as an apple. The fiber helps lower cholesterol, while the folic acid and vitamin C may protect your brain.

5. When you eat cherries, your body also absorbs extra sugar from the table. This allows your blood sugar level to remain in a low range for longer. This may help to prevent the blood sugar spike and crash that often come with fast food or sugar-laden foods. Cherries are also high in sugar, but they may be low in calories.

6. Cherries may also help to prevent acne and psoriasis. They are high in salicylic acid, which can reduce acne by clearing out the pores. Cherries also have anti-inflammatory properties that may help prevent redness and itching. They are a good choice for sensitive skin.

7. Like oranges, cherries are not a great choice for people with diabetes because they are not naturally low in glycemic index. In fact, they are classified as a low-GI fruit. This means you can eat an amount of cherries to satisfy a sweet tooth, but the sugars may not spike your blood sugar.

So while you might think of cherries as a treat, they are actually great for you if you eat them the right way.

You can always find a recipe on the Internet that includes fresh cherries to make cherry pie, or other favorite cherry dessert recipes.

Cherries For Weight Loss

Here are ten ways to enjoy cherries that will help you stick to your weight loss goals.

1. Grab a few cherries and a jar of fresh cottage cheese, and whip up this easy recipe for Cherry Bites.

2. Use a fruit leather maker to make healthy fruit leathers.

3. Try this cherry glazed ham recipe. It’s the perfect way to use up the leftover cherries from the winter.

4. Make this delicious fruit and vegetable salad.

5. Serve cherry smoothies with tons of low-fat yogurt for an extra low-calorie, nutritious snack.

6. Cut cherry tomatoes in half and squeeze them on top of almost any dish for a delicious, filling side dish.

7. Brie makes an excellent cherry topping for sandwiches, toast or crackers.

8. Prepare this easy cranberry and cherry strudel.

9. Whip up a quick cherry salad.

10. Make these simple blueberry-cherry freezer jam cookies.

Diabetic Caution

One of the main dangers of eating cherries is that they can spike your blood sugar, so make sure to eat them on a low-carbohydrate diet. You may want to use low-carb biscuits or whole grain bread for dipping.


Cherries are a good source of potassium and vitamin C, which help maintain healthy blood pressure and lower the risk of high blood pressure. Research has also shown that cherries have a diuretic effect. The higher the concentration of potassium and vitamin C in cherries, the better. Cherries also help lower the risk of heart disease by reducing bad cholesterol, and increasing good cholesterol. Just make sure you eat the cherries the right way, by soaking them in water for a few hours to remove the tart pits and sweet pulp. The pith inside the cherries acts as a mild preservative. This makes it much easier to enjoy fresh cherries.

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